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January 2017
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Ruang Sembang

PostHeaderIcon Agreement Document.

Document agreements normally be provided by the surveyors when they accept the appointment of government departments. At that time we started looking for examples of our old files that have been provided. Do not waste your time to get back your old instance documents. Download these document at This agreement document is very suitable for measuring most of the projects.

Download Agreement document.

PostHeaderIcon Garmin MapSource

Garmin MapSource provides you with geographic data that can be viewed on your PC and added to the basemap of your compatible Garmin GPS device. With MapSource, you can:

Transfer saved waypoints, routes, and tracks from your GPS device and save them to your PC Create, view, and edit waypoints, routes, and tracks Find items, addresses, and Points of Interest included in the map data Transfer map data, waypoints, routes, and tracks to your GPS device

NOTE: The graphics in this Help system are optimized for monitor displays set at 1024 x 768 screen resolution. Viewing this Help system at resolution settings other than 1024 x 768 may result in reduced image quality.

download mapsource size:64.85 MB

Malaysia Map mapsource
download size: 31.71MB

PostHeaderIcon Gps Map Edit

This software is designed for visual authoring of GPS-maps in various proprietary cartographic formats, MapSource, Polish format *.MP,MapCreate,MapShow, Platform: MS Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Import of extra attributes from SHP and MapInfo MIF/MID formats, which are widely used in professional GIS (ArcView, MapInfo etc).

Download GpsMapEdit   Size: 3.48 MB  & @ order license key

PostHeaderIcon SDR Mapping & Design 5.50

SDR Mapping & Design is one of the best software at one time for surveyors and engineers. This software is used to only operate in Windows 89 and dos.However this software still be used with DOSBox software.

This software system is used in applications such as:

. Traverse spreadsheet
. Road Centre Line Calculations
. Contouring
. Calculations Profile
. Reductuions Level book.
. Road Design
. Calculate Volumes
. Export Moss Genio
. Process feature code

Download Sdr 5.50
Download Dosbox

PostHeaderIcon Jadual Fee Ukur Kejuruteraan 2001

Jadual Fee Ukur Kejuruteraan 2001(Pindaan Kepada Jadual Fee Ukur Kejuruteraan 1980) pdf

Download pdf

PostHeaderIcon Shape File to Dxf Autocad

Kita sering kali bermasalah bila membeli digital sheet dari Jupem terutamanya bila kita membuat tempah dalam format DXF. Terlalu banyak masa untuk membuat editing kerana keseluruhan data adalah dalam satu layer.Keadaan ini dapat dikurangkan jika anda menggunakan Arcv2Cad. ArcV2Cad hanya convert Shape file menjadi dxf/dwg. Oleh itu jika membuat tempahan Sheet Cadastral dari Jupem mohonlah format Esri shape format.

Arcv2CAD converts ESRI / ArcView Shapefiles to AutoCAD DXF or DWG formats, allowing Shapefiles to be read into virtually any CAD program, and many other graphics and mapping programs. The software lets the you tailor the conversion to suit your needs. You can:

·    Apply colors to Shape entities corresponding to selected Feature Attributes.

·    Output entities onto Layers corresponding to Feature Attributes.

·    Replace Points/Multipoints by Symbol Markers.

·    Produce Text Labels from Feature Table data. Includes powerful Auto-Label.

·    Color fill Polygons.

·    Transfer Features table data via DXF/DWG ATTRIB or Extended Data (Xdata) definitions.

·    Reduce points by merging straight line segments.

·    Output Elevation data from 2D shapefiles as real 3D Z coordinates.

·    Extrude 2D Polygon shapes to form 3D objects

·    Batch convert shapefiles using command line mode.

·    Translate to all DXF and DWG versions up to AutoCAD Release 2006

·    Translate all 3D shapefile types.

·    Translate part of a shapefile.

·    Compatible with all ArcGIS / ArcView versions (1.x – 9.x)

·    Best of all it’s quick and easy!


Arcv2CAD is not primarily a projection tool. The ‘Latitude / Longitude coordinates to UTM WGS 84′ projection was chosen because of it’s common requirement. If you need to do other projections there

are tools to do it, such as the ‘Projector’ utility in Arcview, and other commercially available projection software.

If you think that there is a strong case for adding other projections, or if we get enough requests for a particular projection we will consider adding it to the software.

Download Arcv2CADv4.0.rar Size:5.87 MB

PostHeaderIcon DC to AC Inverter 600W RMS

Brilliant idea for mobile power needs, this 600Watt (RMS – True Power) DC to AC power inverter converts your car battery’s 12V DC power to 220V of AC power. It can power your laptop, portable stereo, camcorder, mobile lighting systems or even higher end electronic equipment such as a 25 inch TV for up to 4 hours, just using a 12V battery.

A excellent item for retailers of camping equipment or EBay power sellers. ! makes it easy with direct shipping and no multiple payment options.

This inverter is rated to 600W RMS, this is the true total of power you can draw from it (3A draw). Please also note the output voltage of 220V.

China Manufacturer Specifications

  • Power Output: 600W
  • Output Voltage: 220VAC
  • Output Frequency: 50Hz + or – 2Hz
  • Output Waveform: Modified Sine Wave
  • Input Voltage Range: 10.0 -15.9 VDC
  • Low Battery Alarm (Nominal): 10.4 – 11.0V
  • Low Battery Shutdown Point (Nominal):9.7 – 10.3V
  • High Battery Shutdown Point (Nominal):14.5 – 15.5V
  • Peak Efficiency: Under 90%
  • Battery Drain With No AC (at 12V Input): Under 0.3A
  • Dimensions: 170mm x 59mm x 57mm (L x W x D)
  • Manufacturer Ref: JYA39NII68TT

Product Notes

  • Highly Portable
  • Automatic Overload and High Temperature Shutdown
  • 2000W Surge Protection

Package Contents

  • Model CVEJS-E1000W Inverter
  • Manual
  • Car Battery Alligator Clips
  • Two-Prong Adapter                                                             

   1 Unit —->RM210.00
   2 Unit —->RM 350.00

PostHeaderIcon Eid al-Adha

Kami mengucapkan selamat menyambut hari raya Adiladha Eid al-Adha (Arabic: عيد الأضحى‎ ‘Īdu l-’Aḍḥā) kepada muslimin, Di sisi Allah, kita adalah sama kecuali Taqwa.

PostHeaderIcon GPS Map

Free Download Malaysia Singapore Garmin Map Sep 05, 2010


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Welcome to Jurukur Portal.